The Te Whanga difference: What you get when you buy Te Whanga bulls

Te Whanga prides itself on good breeding practices. Some of the things we do to make our stud bulls successful include:

  • Our stock are fastidiously weighed , tagged and recorded, at birth, 200, 400, and 600 days. This allows us to have true figures and not averages.
  • Our cows are expected to produce a calf every year, this includes 9, 10 and 11 year old dams; otherwise they are culled.
  • We breed for conformity, performance, and, mild temperament, and any that don’t meet our standards are culled.
  • We expect our bull to perform for at least four years. This is a requirement of bulls that remain on our station.
  • We use yearling bull over our 15 month heifers with an expectation to have a calf every year.
  • All calves are calved naturally, in a true commercial hill country environment.
  • Our bulls are accustomed to working in a large commercial farm environment. This includes integration with the 10,000 ewes.
  • The staff at Te Whanga will ask you what your breeding objectives are and will match you with a suitable bull to meet your needs.
  • All statistics aimed at the 90th percentile
  • Over 75 years of genetics knowledge and focused breeding can’t be wrong